H.G.M. Azam College of Education

Affiliated to Dr. P.A. Inamdar University

1. B. Ed.
2. M. Ed.

3. B. A. B. Ed.
4. B.Sc. B.Ed.

5. Ph.D.
6. Ceritificate

Programs Offered

by College

Dr. Anita Belapurkar

Dean - Dr. P.A. Inamdar University
Prinicpal - M.C.E Society's H. G. M. Azam College of Education

H.G.M. Azam College of Education established in the year 1993 offers UG, PG and Ph.D. programmes in Teacher Education to produce teachers of high capacities and excellence which will further lead the classrooms of 21st century and prove to be a global citizen contributing in various ways and means in nation development. The college aims to nurture academic, social, economic and professional development of student teachers by providing Cosmopolitan and Inclusive environment. The content, pedagogy and the learning experiences are provided in the college with an anticipation of preparing compassionate, committed, competent, conscientious and creative teachers for the society. The college is committed to inculcate desirable social and human values and moral principles that would make the student-teachers self-disciplined, value-oriented and responsible teachers. It also provides a wide range of opportunities and experiences for student-teachers to discover their potentials and cultivate their artistic and aesthetic sense through cultural extravaganza and nurture their social responsibility through community exposure activities.

Our Recruiters

Mrs. Abeda Inamdar

Vice President - M.C.E. Society

Dr. P. A Inamdar

chancellor - Dr.P. A. Inamdar University
President - M.C.E. Society

Dr. Anita Belapurkar

Dean - Dr. P.A. Inamdar University Prinicpal - M.C.E Society's H. G. M. Azam College of Education


To contribute to national development by providing quality education which helps in building opportunities for national, social, and religious integration and to propagate innovative practices among students teachers thus empowering them leading to liberation in thoughts, ideas, and actions.


Achievement of goals stated in the constitution of India and its preamble. Provision of equity in educational opportunities for minorities especially girls. Transacting value based education leading to a well integrated cohesive society .Empowering student-teachers through innovative and justified use of technology.

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